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Name Leni Lenape Translation
Stanley J. Babcock Gattamen One Who Is Beloved
Peter Fields Lilchpin One Who Is Diligent
Charles F. Reusch Lekhiket One Who Writes
Kenneth Dollmann Meschatamen One Who Retains All
Edward V. Masek Elachtoniket He That Searcheth
George Mattfeld Tepelendam One Who Is Content
Joseph M. O’Donnell Klamhattenamin Calmness Of Mind
Gordon J. Selvy Ehoalgussit The Beloved
Martin A. Thomas Wulapeju To Be Just And True
William Young Gischitehen One Who Is Determined
Samuel Cox Gettemagelensit One Who Is Humble
Kenneth Lang Awullsu One Who Is Good
Joseph Lechleiter Allowelendam Held in Great Esteem
Thomas Miller Gegekhuntschik A Holder Of Office
Robert Schneider Wischixin To Be Active
Phillip Scott Achgeketum A Teacher
Michael Nyberg Lekhiket Writer
Rondal DeCastro Takachsin The Principal Leader
Fran Gaizo Kihteelundam The Sincere Man
Robert C. Bolz, Jr. Takachsin The Leader
Robert Brockbank Paasteew Kihtayapaayu One Who Rises With The Sun
William Dickinson Meteu The Medicine Man
Richard Gutting Wulamameew Kohpii A Man At Ease In Nature
Charles T. Hanson shaaxkaapeewuw manutoow The Dignified Spirit
C. Ashussan Guttgennemen One Who Gives Without Expecting
Vito Bruno Chesimus Sakima The Little Chief
James Cullen Nechochwen One Who Walks Straight Ahead
Jerry Curtin Woapalanne Eagle
Melvin Gow Suwateelunuw The Fat One
Edward McClure, Sr. Maskanusuwaakan One Who Is Strong Inside
Al Melnichak Woapalanne Kschihillen The Swift Eagle
George Ohley Wiichkuneew Xwucheeyeew The Big Lieutenant
William Ohley Wiichkuneew The Lieutenant
Kevin Schaffer Kschihillen He Is Swift
William Skarka Kaanzhalaamih Sakima The Shouting Chief
William Skinner Teme Takachsin Tall Wolf Leader
Charles Skippon Witscheman Netopalis The Helping Warrior
Phillip Storz Wuyamox Kaaheew One Who Moves Obstacles From His Path
Harold Surbeck Wuliiteeheew One Who Tries To Please
Ray Van Cott Achowelendam One Who Thinks Much
Hugh Wedegis Shaaxkaachiimuw One Who Respects the Truth
Basil Bristo Netami The First
Joseph Grossu Liiteeheew One Who Figures
Charles Hebrance Kaanzhalaamih Taweew One Who Makes An Uproar
Stephen Milligan Kiimiikwsuw The Rogue
William Peters Tatchen Takachsin The Little Leader
Henry Pleim Wischixin To Be Active
Greg Powers Ilau A Man of Valor
Henry Powers Tangitehen One Who Thinks Little of Himself
Len Tower Gettemagelensuwi One Who Is Humble
Steven Bly Machelensin One Who Is High-Minded
Peter Dysko Nendawen The Torch Bearer
Robin Fitzhenry Takachsin The Leader
Robert J. House Amiga Alluns One As Long As An Arrow
Thomas Lee Wulapejuwagan One Who Looks Up
Andrew Pedisich Nahkaaleew One Who Stands Up Well
Daniel J. Peters Sakima The Chief
Kenneth Riddett Alluns The Arrow
Thomas T. Tower Achowelendam One Who Uses His Head
Roy Wesley Liilunuw The Under-Chief
Richard D. Whitthorn Wulamameew Kohpii A Man At Ease In Nature
Raymond B. Accardi Hakihet One Who Plows
Edward R. Coel Kaanzhalaamwih Taweew One Who Roars
Ferdiwand Degruyl Klampeechen Water Still Water
Thomas Horn Netopalis Warrior
Joseph Isendtadt Negatamen Reliable One
Eric Bubbers Gikissin One Who Laughs Loud
Richard Clark Awullsu One Who Is Good
Kenneth Colllins Nanatschitaquik Business Manager
Julius D. Maiman Ahowoapewi The One Who Figures
Francis Panaro Ksinelendam To Be Free From Trouble or Care
Victor C. Powers Lichen The Keen One
Thomas Schulkind Awowelendam Held In Great Esteem
Carl Wampole Gischachsummen One Who Enlightens
Robert Warren Ganschapuchk Big Rock
J. Warren Comiskey Achtschinkhalan One Who Persuades
Hans Degruyl Chesimus Nimat Younger Brother
Richard Dier Gebtschaat Clown
Bruce Donlin Klamachpin Quiet One
Eric Falkman Achgiguwen Noisy One
Edward Fisher Anatschitan He Who Serves
Douglas B. Karcher Wulamoewaganit One Who Has Proven True
Julius Kaufman Meechgalhukquot Redheaded One
Howard Liebman Skattek Zealous One
Anthony S. Losicco Ganschapuchk Big Rock
Kenneth McLoughlin Wapantpeu Ienno The Gray-Headed One
Gene Panaro Wetochwink One Who Is A Father
Scott Wheaton Lachauweleman He Who Is Concerned


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