The lodge still has two more Induction Weekends to be held one on June 14-16 and the other on September 27th to 29th. If you have been a member of the lodge for over ten months, you’re invited, to become a Brotherhood Member or know someone else who needs it? Spread the word!  Even if you were just inducted in May, we are looking for youths and adults to come out and volunteer for the weekend. If you’d like to help out, we are always looking for Elangomats, Ceremonies or just to lend a hand in cheerful service.

If you are interested in registering go to Resources -> Forms  and click 2013 Lodge Menu/Dues or click here. Any questions contact the webmaster via the contact page.

On June 7-9 at Camp Keowa, Ten Mile River Scout Reservation, Section NE-2B will be holding its annual Section Conclave. A section conclave is held once a year and is hosted by one of the five lodges in our section. The lodges of our section include Suffolk County Council, Theodore Roosevelt Council (Nassau County), Greater NY Councils (New York City), Westchester-Putnam Council, and Greenwich Council. This years conclave is being hosted by Kintecoying Lodge from the Greater NY Councils. The theme this year is “How Uncas Got His Groove Back”. The Lodge Chiefs from all the lodges have been working hard all year to plan this awesome event and you don’t want to miss it!

To register for this awesome event follow the link here or to view the promotion video click here,

The council camporee is being help April 26-28 at Southaven County Park, during this event the lodge will be hosting some events. The largest one will be the 2013 call out. “The Call-out is a public recognition ceremony for those scouts who are candidates for membership in the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s National Honor Society.” It is to recognize those scouts and scouters who were elected during this past election season. The ceremony will be held immediately following the Saturday Evening show on April 27. Attached here is the flyer for the ceremony.

Also the lodge is looking for people to help staff the OA tables during the day. If you are not currently assigned to a specific program or support area, please consider helping out. Any time given to this effort would be appreciated. If you are available to help, please contact the webmaster. Lastly, please wear your uniform and sash throughout the day on Saturday of the Camporee.

Due to Wood Badge being at Baiting Hollow on the original date, the September Induction Weekend has been moved from September 20th-22nd to September 27th-29th. If you already registered for the event and the new date creates a conflict for you, please contact the Suffolk County Council Office at (631)-924-7000 to pick one of the other two dates in the spring . Thanks in advanced for your understanding.

Your chance to become a part of Shinnecock Lodge history has come! We are opening a Jamboree Lodge Flap Design Competition to all brothers of the lodge.  You can design a lodge flap, submit it, then we’ll have your fellow lodge members vote on their favorite one!  This competition has a deadline of January 31st, so get your ideas in quickly.  The Shinnecock Lodge Web-Team has also added a new section under the resources area for this unique opportunity. You can also access it by clicking here. So get your pencil sharpeners working and your mind creating.  The next Lodge Flap we wear to Jamboree could be yours!

On January 6th at 2pm at Coram Fire Department, the lodge will be having its annual winter banquet. This is a time to say thanks to the brothers who have put in dedicated service for the last year as the lodge and chapter officers, enjoy some delicious food, and merriment. The cost of this event is $20 for youth and $30 for adults and if you bought a lodge pass for 2013 the Winter Banquet is covered in it. Also, you DO NOT need to wear uniform, just dress nice.

To register for this event you can find the form under Resources->Forms or by clicking here

The 2013 Vigil Honor Nomination form has been posted. If you have a member you would like to nominate, fill out a nomination form and submit it to the Suffolk County Council Office. Remember in order for a member to be eligible for the vigil honor he/she must have been a brotherhood member for 2 years, and they must be dues paid for the current year. You do not have to be a vigil honor member to make a nomination. Remember “The Vigil Honor is the highest honor the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to their lodge and council. It is a mark of distinction and recognition for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the responsibilities of their position or office.”

If you would like to nominate someone the form can be found under the Resources->Forms section or by clicking here

Every year we ask our members to pay a small dues fee of $10 for membership in the lodge. If you were inducted in 2012, your dues for this year were covered when you paid for your induction. If you were inducted in 2011 or prior and would like to remain an active member of the lodge you need to submit a copy of the Lodge Menu/Dues Form with your payment to the Suffolk County Council Center. Also, via this form you can use it to register for any of the three induction weekends or the fall fellowship, just mark what you are paying for and send the payment with the form. If you purchased a Lodge Pass you DO NOT need to submit this form as well.

The form can be found under the Resources ->Forms section or by clicking here.

Have you heard about the amazing offer we have called “Lodge Pass”, that is puts out every year? What’s a “Lodge Pass” you ask, well its pays for your 2013 dues, the Winter Banquet, all three Induction Weekends, the Fall Fellowship and any LLD held by the lodge. All of this for $65 for youth (under 21) or $75 for adults. Were you inducted in the last year? You can purchase this great offer at the lower rate of $55 for youth (under 21) or $65 for adults. How do I get this? Just fill out the form under the Resources ->Forms section or by clicking here, and send in your form with the payment and you’re all set. However, this offer is only available until the Winter Banquet on January 6th, so go purchase your Lodge Pass soon, before it’s too late!

How would you like to come out to camp for a day of nothing but fun and fellowship? What if I told you this day is happening in the soon future? It is true Shinnecock Lodge is hosting it’s Annual Fall Fellowhip on Saturday, October 6th from 8AM-9PM. This year’s theme is “OA vs. THE WILD”. The cost of the weekend is $20 if registered by September 21st and $25 if paid after that. The fee includes Lunch and a banquet dinner.

If you are interested in registering go to Resources -> Forms  and click on either 2012 Lodge Menu/Dues or 2012 Fall Fellowship for or click here.