Shinnecock Lodge 360, like all lodges in the Order of the Arrow, is youth run under the assistance of adult advisers. The lodge is organized by the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC), which steers the lodge and makes decisions. Spearheading the Lodge Executive Committee and running the lodge are the elected lodge officers.These officers are elected annually at the June Induction weekend to take over in the September Induction weekend and serve a one year term. Below is a listing of the Lodge Officers and Advisers, including the Lodge Executive Committee.


Next LEC

Date: September 11th, 2015

Time: 11:00am

Location: Baiting Hollow Scout Camp


Lodge Officers and Advisers

Brian G.
Lodge Chief

Liam G.
Vice Chief

Shameer B.

Kevin O.

Liam M.

Chris Philp
Lodge Adviser

Rich Wollenstein
Lodge Adviser Emeritus

Jim Grimaldi
Lodge Staff Adviser


The 2014-2015 Lodge Executive Committee:

Title: Name:
Lodge Chief Brian G.
Vice Chief Liam G.
Secretary Shameer B.
Treasurer Kevin O.
Historian Liam M.
Immediate Past Lodge Chief Liam G.
Nissequogue Chapter Chief Brian T.
Seatalcot Chapter Chief Charles V.
Secatogue Chapter Chief Shameer B.
Montauket Chapter Chief Frankie C.
Ordealmaster Liam M.
Elangomat Chairman Brian T.
Brotherhood Conversion Chairman Dan C.
Camping Promotions Chairman TBA
Ceremonies Chairman Shameer B.
Special Events Chairman Cameron S.
Communications Chairman Vacant
Trading Post Oscar L.
Training Isaiah J.
Conclave Coordinator Nicholas S.
Lodge Adviser Chris Philp
Lodge Adviser Emeritus Rich Wollenstein
Lodge Staff Adviser Jim Grimaldi
Associate Lodge Adviser Nick Russotto
Associate Lodge Adviser John Rosenblatt
Conclave Adviser Austin Delaney