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Welcome to the official web site of Shinnecock Lodge 360, Suffolk County Council # 404. Here you can get the latest news and downloads from Shinnecock Lodge 360.

The Vigil Honor Committee is now accepting nominations of deserving OA brothers for the Vigil Honor Class of 2015.  If you would like to nominate someone, please download the nomination form, which can be found under Resources -> Forms or by clicking here, and send it to the committee by February 15, 2015.

Every year we ask our members to pay a small dues fee of $12 for membership in the lodge. If you were inducted in 2014, your dues for this year were covered when you paid for your induction. If you were inducted in 2013 or prior and would like to remain an active member of the lodge you need to submit a copy of the Lodge Dues Form with your payment to the Suffolk County Council Center.

For those of you interested in attending a majority of our events this year (Winter Banquet, Induction Weekends, Fall Fellowship), a Lodge Pass may be a better option for you. A Lodge Pass pays for your 2015 dues, the Winter Banquet, all three Induction Weekends, Centuries of Service 100th Anniversary Event, the Fall Fellowship and the Spring LLD held by the lodge. All of this for $75 for youth (under 21) or $85 for adults. If you were inducted in 2014 you can purchase this great offer at the lower rate of $65 for youth (under 21) or $75 for adults. However, this offer is only available until the Winter Banquet on January 4th, so purchase your Lodge Pass soon, before it’s too late!

The forms can be found under the Resources ->Forms section, or for a dues form click here and for a Lodge Pass click here

To be considered an active member of the Order of the Arrow, you need to have paid the appropriate dues for the current calendar year. Because of the way our lodge handles new member inductions, anyone who joined the lodge in the previous year is automatically registered for the current year. For example, if you joined the lodge (were inducted as a new Ordeal member) in 2013, you are registered as an active member in 2014.